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Mountain Legend Pvt. Ltd., est.in 2009, is run by trekking veterans who learnt their trade under Colonel Jim Roberts, ex-British Gurkhas, founder of Nepal’s first recognized trekking outfit, Mountain Travel, for hard-hiking discovery of high hills, mountains, the unique culture of the people of pristine villages and travelling through a land which is home to eight of the highest peaks on Earth, and that includes Mount Everest (8848 m), the tallest of them all.Anil Chandra Gurung, founder and Managing Director of Mountain Legend, worked with Mountain Travel for 27 years, organizing treks and tours and training guides, mostly Sherpas, in the ever-evolving techniques of modern mountain trekking.

Since 2009, Mountain Legend’s staff  have guided many thousands of internation...Read More

Trekking in Nepal

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पर्वतारोहण संघको अध्यक्षमा लामा विजयी

नेपाल पर्वतारोहण संघ (एनएमए) को नयाँ नेतृत्वका लागि भएको निर्वाचनमा ३८३ मतका साथ अध्यक्षमा सन्तवीर लामा निर्वाचित भएका छन् । उनका निकटतम प्रति...Continue Reading...

Tourism Ministry amalgamated

The Government of Nepal has amalgamated the Ministry of Culture with the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism since it...Continue Reading...

Trekkers’ numbers increasing

Despite political uncertainty, the safe and secure status of the law and order situation in Nepal has ensured the increa...Continue Reading...


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Always very professional and helpful.An all-round excellent experience. The Guides were special, with exceptional, brilliant leadership. The porters too were excellent and efficient.

Gordon K. Reed

United Kingdom

Excellent. The performance of the Guides and porters was most outstanding. This was a fabulous trip

John F. Sammel

United Kingdom

Overall excellent trek, especially the Guides and porters – they made our holiday very special.

Joy Honeyball

United Kingdom

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Wonderful holiday! The performance of the Sirdar (Head Guide) and other Guides were exemplary

Christina S. Bromage

United Kingdom

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