From Dolpo to Mustang

Strenuous trekking through mysterious valleys and remote highland deserts, over five 5000 m+ high passes, past venerable old monasteries, below still existing but now abandoned cave dwellings and, if you are lucky, sightings of the elusive snow leopard.   The exquisite Phuksundo Lake and picturesque Chharkha settlement, grand and remote high-mountain country and very few people are features of Lower Dolpo.  Apart from your friends and your trek crew, your only companions on this trek will be blue sheep, Tibetan wolves, vultures and lammergeyers.  You may have to trudge through snow while approaching Ghemi-la Pass (5,700 m) which you cross mid-way through the trek.

In Mustang, visit the ancient caves where people used to live long ago, pass the threateningly awesome pinnacles of rock, the scary canyons, monasteries deep in caves and relish the stark culture of a people who still half-effectively live in the past.  While we use the often used western side of the long wide valley up to the prime town of Lo-Manthang , we exit along the little-known and hardly trekked eastern side, through some of the most remote villages that you could ever imagine.

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