Why us?

Why Mountain Legend?

Nepal is internationally recognized as one of the world’s most favoured holiday destinations and it is a destination with a difference.  The variety of adventure activities that Nepal offers include rock-climbing, white-water rafting, hang-gliding, mountain biking, tropical jungle safaris, non-expedition mountaineering and, of course, trekking in the high hills mountains.

While we can cater for any or all of the activities named above, Mountain Legend Pvt. Ltd. is essentially a trekking agency operating from Kathmandu and running treks in all the trekking regions of Nepal while also organizing and operating treks-cum-road travels in the Indian areas of Darjeeling and Sikkim while doing the same in the Kingdom of Bhutan and the vastness of the Tibetan Plateau.

In the modern-day competitive world of adventure tourism, the discerning adveture-tourist has a wide range of agencies who can arrange your holidays in Nepal to choose from.

So why choose Mountain Legend?


Mountain Legend has, in the last decade, acquired a very strong reputation in the international and national trekking fraternities for excellence of service in all aspects which is IMPECCABLE.

The combined core of experience brought by all Members of the Company to the job at hand and the objective of giving complete satisfaction in every possible way to Clients is UNCHALLENGABLE.

The long experience and expertise of our trained mountainTrekking Guides in every facet of the art of safely guiding newcomers through, and over, hitherto unknown territory is UNQUESTIONABLE.

The extensive periphery of our operations in Nepal, Bhutan, India and Tibet through our organizational and executive skills remains UNARGUABLE.

The quality, durability, comfort and reliability of every piece and item of the equipment that we send with our Groups on any journey into the mountains are totally RELIABLE.

The excellence, taste and hygienic trustworthiness of the food that our Kitchen Teams provide Clients on-trail and in-camp, and the food that is provided at overnight stops in lodges of our choosing are UNDENIABLE.

The question of your safety, security and constant good health being endangered and that your very life could ever be remotely threatened is UNTHINKABLE.  Our Mountain Trekking Guides are fully trained for any medical eventuality.

The rates that we offer Clients according to the time-length of the trek/trip and other extra variables to be considered are, by any comparison, extremely REASONABLE.

From the moment you first step on Nepali soil, to those thrilling sight-seeing trips, while hiking up, down and along the UNFORGETTABLE high trails, following rivers in splendid valleys, crossing snow-bound high passes, in tented camps or quaint lodges, to the end of your exhausting but exhilarating journey, you will always have the feeling that you are always COMFORTABLE.

After you return to your homelands, the thirst that you have acquired for more adventuresome trekking and holidaying with Mountain Legend in Nepal or elsewhere will be UNQUENCHABLE.

Your thoughts thereafter of Mountain Legend, and Nepal, will be UNERASABLE.

THAT IS WHY!!  The choice is yours!

Why Mountain Legend?

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